The Tipsy Trope: Ganymedean Whiskey Moon

Source: The Tipsy Trope

I am floored by this post by B-Man at the Tipsy Trope! He went the extra mile and created a really cool video in honor of In the Orbit of Sirens, with a delicious drink pairing he invented called the Ganymedean Whiskey Moon, based on the Arrow Whiskey the Castus family enjoys in the novel.

B-Man has a bunch of excellent content, and I encourage you to check out his channel for great Fantasy and Scifi book reviews and drink pairings. I often watch his Weekend Wind Down, featuring great Geek news in an entertaining and well made package. Check out his various social media accounts!

The Tipsy Trope: Twitter / Instagram / Youtube / Website

Source: The Tipsy Trope

Ganymedean Whiskey Moon Recipe:
1.5 oz of whiskey
1/4 oz simple syrup
3/4 oz lemon juice
top off with Blue Moon Ale
Garnish with orange peel and cherry

I can’t express how happy this post has made me (perhaps even a little tipsy!) I intend to get the ingredients and make a glass of it myself. Thanks again to B-Man for being such a cool person, and I’m honored he enjoyed my book enough to make this come to life.

Kamaria is a little more real now.


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