This morning I had the pleasure of listening to the end of In the Orbit of Sirens in audiobook form. I have to admit, having my own story read back to me by someone as talented as Michael Reimer was an amazing experience. It finally feels real, yet still surreal. There has been an overwhelmingly… Read More

My Favorite Reads of 2020

New:“The Space Between Worlds”by Micaiah Johnson Classic:“A Fire Upon the Deep”by Vernor Vinge Autobiography:“Chasing Space”by Leland Melvin Non-fiction:“White Fragility”by Robin Diangelo Something Different:“The Prophet”by Kahlil Gibran Honorable Mentions:“Binti”by Nnedi Okorafor “Kindred”by Octavia E. Butler “Neuromancer”by William Gibson “Annihilation”by Jeff Vandermeer How about you?Anything on my list match yours?

Literary Titan Author Interview

READ ON LITERARY TITAN Full Text: STAR SIREN In the Orbit of Sirens follows the remnants of the human race who are facing extinction and a deadly enemy. What was the inspiration for the setup to this thrilling story? This story had been cooking for a long time for me. When I was in third grade,… Read More

2020: a reflection.

2020 has been a Hells of a year. We all have been here, we’re aware of all the bad. I can sit and make a seperate post about the trials of 2020, but I’d like to discuss the triumphs instead. Recapping my journey to publishing “In the Orbit of Sirens“ and reflecting on all the… Read More


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