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Escapist Book Tours has lined up an excellent group of bloggers, tweeters, bookstagrammers, and hosts of all kinds to parade through the internet and announce Threshold’s arrival! Throughout the next 7 days, they will be posting about Threshold with guest spots, beautiful photos, and other great media. I look forward to seeing what they post and hearing their thoughts on this very special finale to the Song of Kamaria Trilogy. Here. We…. Read More

It’s here it’s finally here! ON THE WINDS OF QUASARS is available in Audiobook Format! CJ McAllister has done an amazing job putting this audiobook together. I have already hired him to tackle At the Threshold of the Universe, too, so that will be released a few months from now. Grab a copy of Quasars on Audible or iTunes today, and get ready! Cheers, -T.A.

The final verse of the Song of Kamaria arrives in a few short days. This whole ride comes to an end. What an amazing experience. It’s already available for pre-purchase. PURCHASE LINK ON THE WINDS OF QUASARS audiobook is nearing completion as well! I’ve been able to listen to the full read and approve it, and I gotta say, CJ McALLISTER NAILED IT! Fantastic job! L’Arn and Nock’lu sound so dang cool!… Read More

IN THE ORBIT OF SIRENS is officially an #SPSFC Finalist! I’m honored to have made it this far. This contest has been amazing. I’ve had the pleasure of meeting so many new book bloggers and enjoyed reading their reviews of Sirens. Contests like this don’t exist, and it’s incredible to be part of this first iteration. HUGE thank you to Hugh Howey and Duncan Swan for setting this up! VIEW ALL FINALISTS… Read More

We are GO for LAUNCH! Final formatting has been completed and all the files have been uploaded. It’s a beautiful book, made by a team I thoroughly enjoyed working with. I can’t wait for it to be released into the world on May 31st. Mid-June, there will be a Digital Book Tour hosted by Escapist Book Tours for At the Threshold of the Universe, stay tuned for more info on that. In… Read More

We’re coming to the end of this grand journey. Last night, I applied all the notes I got from my Copy Editor, while constantly shouting “I’m so sorry, Dylan!” the entire time. I had mucked up some continuity with how dialogue is portrayed (specifically when two people are having conversations telepathically, sci-fi is fun.) Dylan was professional and patient, and he hasn’t found me yet to strangle me for what I put… Read More

Version 1 was 332 pages in Word, but it was about 760 pages in reality due to the word count. I didn’t realize how massive of an edit I would be making after this milestone. After about 7 full edit passes later, I widdled SIRENS down by about 30,000 words. Cut content included: -A full description of Eliana and her father preparing and embarking for Kamaria, originally they were involved in the… Read More

At long last, we’ve arrived AT THE THRESHOLD OF THE UNIVERSE, where all songs end. I’m so proud to show off this concluding cover to the Song of Kamaria trilogy. Artist Daniel Schmelling really outdid himself, and I think he’s created the best cover of the whole series! I am always thrilled to show off the covers Daniel makes for me, he has always been the perfect artist for this trilogy. The… Read More

I’m proud to announce that audiobook producer C.J. McAllister has joined ON THE WINDS OF QUASARS! I look forward to hearing him voice the world of Kamaria, and I can’t wait to hear his rendition of my characters. Check out CJ’s social media and other work:C.J. McAllister FacebookC.J. McAllister on Audible