Artist Daniel Schmelling brought the world of Kamaria to life across the three covers featured in the trilogy.

I chose Daniel because he has a painterly eye, and creates stunning work that is reminiscent of the old sci-fi classic covers of the greats. I felt like this approach was necessary for the Song of Kamaria trilogy, and Daniel did a fantastic job realizing it.


Jason Michael Hall was the powerhouse illustrator for the trilogy. He created 13 full-page Part art, and over 30 chapter headers.

All the books I read as a kid had artwork in their chapters and parts. I didn’t feel like my book would be complete without it. I met Jason when we were both working together on a film, and he showed me some artwork he had made. Right away I wanted to collaborate with him, and eventually, I got my wish when he showed interest in my novel project. He’s a great friend and a huge talent. I am so thankful he lent his expertise to Kamaria.


Jason Michael Hall also provided the map of Kamaria for On the Winds of Quasars. It was a long process bringing it to life, and if you’d like to see more information about it, click the map to go to a blog article.

I created the maps featured in At the Threshold of the Universe, featuring the layout of Odysseus City and the three floating platforms. We learned after creating the map for Quasars that it’s easier if the author makes them because only the author fully knows the ins and outs of the world.

All artwork above is featured in the paperback and hardcover editions of the Song of Kamaria trilogy, written by T. A. Bruno. The chapter headers are excluded from the e-book edition to keep file size down.


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