T. A. Bruno


A little tease of the potential title too (I’m feeling pretty good about it, I just haven’t officially released it yet!) Last night I completed the first draft of the sequel novel to IN THE ORBIT OF SIRENS. I’m really pleased with the way things went, and I intend to add another 10k words when I do my first round edit before sending to beta readers. With Book 1 eyeing publication in… Read More

Lorna Reid is cruising along on the formatting for IN THE ORBIT OF SIRENS. Recently she shared some samples of the e-book with me, and I’m thrilled to see how it’s coming along! To stoke some excitement, I’m here to share these samples with you. Keep in mind, e-books are highly customizable to the user, so a lot of the formatting is set to accommodate that (we want to keep our readers… Read More