“A rewarding SF adventure on a particularly vivid alien world.”
Kirkus Reviews

On the Winds of Quasars by T.A. Bruno is full of action and intense moments that will have your heart in your throat. The entire book is full of rich character relationships and tense battles with creatures that feel entirely new and creative. If you’re looking for a story revolving around a whirlwind sci-fi world, this epic is perfect for you.”
—Literary Titan ★★★★★ (Gold Book Award Winner)

I am always impressed with T. A. Bruno’s ability to create science fiction that also feels literary for its depth, poignancy, and attention to detail in character. One of the features I admired most about On the Winds of Quasars was its ability to present real drama and terror without over-sensationalizing anything or relying on gimmicks to make the next twist come to life. Because we are so rooted in the Castus family’s personalities, their bonds with one another, and their life so far, it becomes easy to build tension with every decision they make in case it turns out badly for them. Without wishing to spoil anything for readers, the conceptual work for the children’s captor was spectacular and thought-provoking, and the journey they attempt to get home was fraught with danger. Overall, I would highly recommend On the Winds of Quasars and The Song of Kamaria series in general for science fiction fans everywhere.
—K.C.Finn from Readers’ Favorite. ★★★★★ (5-star seal)

This is a high-intensity, action-packed novel. The action is amazing, but it doesn’t outshine the brilliant story! The plot flows incredibly well and allows the reader to become one with the characters. The plot is intense; it is sharp and carefully woven to develop readers’ interest early on. Rich with dialogues and imaginative imagery, the reader will feel like they are watching an action movie rather than reading a novel. Although it is categorized as science fiction, fans of adventure and drama will also enjoy this immensely. Author T.A. Bruno has a knack for writing emotionally charged scenes. Thanks to that, I had zero issues in forming a connection with the characters. You can feel the fear that Nella and Cade feel and experience the first-hand desperation of Denton and Eliana as they search for their children. On the Winds of Quasars is a fantastic novel with an expressive narrative that binds readers to the story from the get-go.
—Rabia Tanveer from Readers’ Favorite. ★★★★★ (5-star seal)

T. A. Bruno’s On the Winds of Quasars is not just a gripping adventure on a universal scale. It is also a compelling road to discovery in terms of human emotions, strengths and weaknesses, and the incredible power we can unleash through these traits; power for both good and evil. We have characters of real strength like Nella, who has overcome her lack of hearing to soar to new heights, and Eliana, whose endurance and strength are unquestionable. And not just the human elements exhibit such depth; the Auk’nai and Auk’gnel come across as very real in both their substantive differences and, in some ways, commonality to humans. It is quite easy to have empathy with them and their ongoing changing circumstances. Combined with the immersive backdrops against which this story unfolds, there is ample content to engross the most demanding readers.
Steven Robson from Readers’ Favorite ★★★★★ (5-star seal)


“Bruno’s characters and the world of Kamaria are a must read if you love science fiction. His creation of Kamaria continues to evolve and is nothing short of genius and well thought out.”
—Lorraine @BondiLorraine
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“A story full of heartbreak, fear, unknown secrets and world that is brimming full of fascinating and enchanting life. On the Wings of Quasars is fast paced, action packed and will leave you stunned and dying for the next book.”
—Alyssa @in2theHeartwyld
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“On the Wind of Quasars is a fantastic new instalment in The Song of Kamaria series. It maintained the cinematic nature of the first book, and the same compelling world-building and action, but it turned the dial up.”
—Rowena @R_M__Andrews
(read the full review at Beneath a Thousand Skies)

“With vivid imagery, a new connection to nature, even unheard songs, and new wildlife, this is truly a world to get lost in.”
—Athena @onereadingnurse
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On the Winds of Quasars is a thrilling story with many edge-of-the-seat moments and which ends with quite a few loose ends waiting to be tied up by the final book in the series. I found it difficult to put down and can’t wait to find out what direction the story will go in next!”
—Sue @SueBavey
(read the full review on Sue’s Musings)

“This book was written with some heart. I needed some heart with my scifi, and didn’t even realize it.”
—Ollie @OlliespotReview
(read the full review at the Stone Cloud)

“On the Winds of Quasars is an explosive sequel to In the Orbit of Sirens. Action-packed, heartbreaking, and unputdownable.”
—Anj @apocketfuloftomes
(read the full review on her instagram)


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