A list of everyone who helped me on my journey. The real heros.


Michelle Hope—Copy Editor
For bringing legitimacy to my novel. Michelle has done an excellent job making my words work. She was kind, patient, and professional with me the whole project. I hope to work with her again in the future.

Daniel Schmelling—Cover Designer
For delivering the cover of my dreams. Daniel has been great to work with, and very attentive to my ideas. He has done an amazing job giving me a cover that will turn heads. It’s exactly what I wanted to be the face of my novel, I love it, thank you.

Jason Hall—Interior Artwork
For being an overall amazing collaborator. Jason not only gave me awesome feedback as a beta reader, he created some incredible artwork for the interior of the novel that I’m sure is going to draw readers into the story. Thank you for your support, I couldn’t have done this without you.

Dylan Garity—Proofreader
For doing an amazing job proofreading. You were great as the last line of defense against the gremlins of bad grammar. I believe this novel to be gremlin free thanks to you.

Lorna Reid—Formatting
Lorna was a pleasure to work with and I’d be happy to do it again! She brought my novel across the finish line and made me confident in my publish.
For bringing it all together. Without Reedsy, I would not have found my editors and other freelancers. I was comfortable using their service to help make my book worth publishing.


Carrie Bruno
She not only blessed me with two awesome sons but also put up with me ducking away into my office to write the novel.

My Parents
for encouraging me from the very start to pursue my creativity. This novel began with the comic book I had drawn in 3rd Grade, adapted for over twenty years into this new world to explore. Without encouragement, none of this would be here.

Dave Bruno
for helping me brainstorm, and for providing the keystone that got the ball rolling.

Ty Bucek
For proofreading all of my false starts and reviewing the outline for this final version of the novel. I strayed a little, but I wouldn’t have started without your eyes on it first.

Chris Simmons
For helping me iron out the condensed book blurb and my author bio.

Jim Dunn
for giving me notes involving the chain of command and military rankings of several characters in the novel. If there are any mistakes, they are my own.

Jotham Herzon
who’s suggestion on a different starting point for the novel led to one of the biggest rewrites, but also one of the most rewarding.

Greg Bruno
For creating the Tom Bruno author logo. It looks great, thank you for making it for me. I love it.


Mom, Jason Hall, Sarah Hale Pierce, Jotham Herzon, Ken Karczewski, Carrie Napoleon, and Jason Scamardo. You were incredibly valuable in finding all the dents in my armor, thank you for being patient with the early drafts.

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