THE VOYALTEN WEB – The Map of Down Below Beyond

Welcome to Lodespace!

Long ago, a race of advanced aliens named the Voyalten linked the universe together via a network of portals. They never forced any world to partake in the web if they didn’t want to. Instead, they gave every world a choice—open their portal, shut it off, or make it a one-way stream. Voyalten portals are gigantic, big enough to fit multiple starships through. Many of these thresholds are planetside, but some were constructed in orbit. Not many have witnessed a Voyalten, and over time, their incredible technology had become a casual highway for commerce and travel.

Although millions of worlds are connected in the Voyatlen Web, only a handful are considered Lodespace. The worlds visited in Down Below Beyond are shown on the map above, with some inside Lodespace and others nestled in the outer web.

Lodespace consists of the worlds that do trade with the Fessenog Fleet.

The Fleet is a collection of ships from the many worlds of Lodespace, all grouped in Tayoxe orbit near the orbital Voyalten portal. Gulna Kii Fessenog has created an unrivaled trade empire, harvesting the husk of the planet Tayoxe for advanced technology to sell to partner worlds for maximum profit. Although the name implies a tightly ruled monarchy, the ships are allowed to do as they please. Only hapron credits ruled Lodespace.

It was too lucrative to leave the Fleet, and irresponsible to try and start up elsewhere.

Although the Fleet captains can travel at their leisure, the citizens of the Fessenog Fleet are locked in place. Only those who earn an S-Class license are allowed to travel beyond Tayoxe. To earn the hapron needed for an S-Class license, many citizens of the Fleet become Prospectors or Enforcers.

Prospectors salvage the planet Tayoxe for technology to sell to the Fleet.

Enforcers carry out Gulna Kii Fessenog’s will and ensure the Fleet remains the trade capital of Lodespace.

This is how it has always been.

Until one day, a prospector named Levort Aatra stakes a claim to something special on Tayoxe.

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