Welcome to the COVER REVEAL event for DOWN BELOW BEYOND!

Today, an army of bloggers shared this cover for the first time! I was happy to see so many frequent flyers to Kamaria on the list, but it was also so great to discover some new names. It’s been a while since Threshold came out, and it feels amazing to have a “Face” for my new novel. Lance Buckley is the mastermind behind this cover, and I think he nailed it. Down Below Beyond is slated to come out in Summer of 2023, and I can’t wait to send everyone off on a new stand-alone adventure in Lodespace.

Here is a list of the heroes that were part of the reveal today, with links to their posts. Give them a look, and follow along with their bookish posts! All of them provide excellent reading content, and they often have a good nose for a good story.

Special thanks to Justin at Escapist Book Tours for setting this whole thing up. He’s a wizard!

Escapist Book Company

The Shaggy Shepard

Through Novel Time & Distance

Book & Nature Professor


Beneath a Thousand Skies

The Irresponsible Reader


Twirling Book Princess

Sue’s Musings

Westveil Publishing




Fiction Fans Podcast

A Maze of Words

What an excellent reveal with so many great people! Seriously, HEROS. I am so thankful for each and every one of them.

One more time, here’s the cover for Down Below Beyond. Lance Buckley did an amazing job bringing out the exact vibe I was going for, and I think he made an absolutely stunning cover.

Cheers everyone!!


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