March 2023 Update—DOWN BELOW BEYOND

Get ready for an upcoming cover reveal event!

Lance Buckley has delivered the cover for DOWN BELOW BEYOND, and man, is it GORGEOUS! He really nailed the vibe I was going for. It’s boldly colored, seething with adventure, and just damn pretty to look at. I can’t wait to reveal it! (For the record, that image above isn’t the cover.)

Other than that, the beta readers have delivered their insight, and they LOVED it. Not to say they didn’t have notes, but I have never had a beta read go this well. I think I’m getting the hang of this writing thing! Currently, I’m about 50% finished applying their notes, and then it’s off to the editor.

I’m hoping to have this thing published in June or July, but I haven’t locked in a date yet. I like to get closer to the finish line before I do that to make sure I can hit the deadline.

Stick around for the cover reveal coming up in a few weeks! Until then…

Happy reading,


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