Down Below Beyond Status report
Outline: Done
First Draft: Done
Second Draft: Done
Interior Art: Done

Cover Art: In Progress
Beta Readers: In Progress

Post Beta Edit: Pending
Copy/Line Edit: Pending
Proofread: Pending
Formatting: Pending
Publish: Pending

This train is running full steam! DOWN BELOW BEYOND is currently with beta readers and cover designer Lance Buckley! It’s been a fun ride so far, and I can’t wait to see what Lance comes up with for the cover. Meanwhile, I decided to take on the interior illustrations myself, including part artwork and chapter headers. I have revealed a few on social media so far (like the Levort Aatra one above) but I figured for my friends who check this blog, you deserve a little extra.

These illustrations are altered versions of the ones that will appear in DOWN BELOW BEYOND (aka they don’t feature the part names, have the words DOWN BELOW BEYOND on them, and my name appears on them as well. So they are doubling as promo material for now.) And these will probably see some tweaks before publication, but I am really happy with the way these came out.

And one last little treat!

A first look at the Tumbleweed! Ffloem and Vobbsii’s Tourist-class ship. It will appear as a chapter header in the physical editions of the novel.

I’m in a holding pattern for now as I wait for Lance and the Beta Readers to return with their stuff, so more artwork may be on the way! Keep your head up for it.

Happy reading everyone!


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