I think I’ve been keeping this a secret long enough.

My upcoming science fiction novel is officially titled:

(Logo not final.)


Levort Aatra is a prospector on a planet named Tayoxe. While scavenging the wastes of the abandoned world, he discovers a mysterious starship and stakes his claim on it. Little does he know; he just put a big target on his back.

DOWN BELOW BEYOND is a sprawling sci-fi fantasy adventure filled with aliens, planets, and portals set in a universe crafted by T. A. Bruno, author of the award-winning Song of Kamaria trilogy.

It’s officially a novel! Although, a rough one at the moment. I am so happy with the way this new book has come together. I had outlined the book ahead of time, but I was so loose with it that it was a surprise to see what happened. It didn’t turn out the way I thought it would—it turned out BETTER.

Now we get to the fun stuff.

I am on the hunt for a new book cover designer, and it’s exciting seeing the portfolios I’ve come across. I wanted to give this book a different look than the Song of Kamaria, something very vibrant and dynamic. We’ll see what happens, but I hope to get someone soon. I’ve already reached out to one designer, and I hope he responds. Fingers crossed!

Feels good to be able to say it out in public!

Get ready for DOWN BELOW BEYOND later this year!



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