New Year, New World(s)- Jan 2023 UPDATE.

I am nearly complete with the first draft of my new upcoming novel (still haven’t officially released the title!! SOON!!) And I’ve been using all my creative energy to bring it to life.

Here’s the brief blurb I revealed previously, just to give you the vibe.

Levort Aatra is a prospector on a planet named Tayoxe. While scavenging the wastes of the abandoned world, he discovers a mysterious starship and stakes his claim on it. Little does he know; he just put a target on his back.

This is a sprawling sci-fi fantasy adventure filled with aliens, planets, and portals set in a universe crafted by T. A. Bruno, author of the award-winning Song of Kamaria trilogy.

Aside from writing, I’ve been creating 3D sculpts of some of the new characters in the new book. Pictured above is a character bust of Vobbsii Esaurntii, a Resluni who spends his time touring the Voyalten Web worlds, thieving and indulging in his passion for history. During a trip to planet Tayoxe, he pilfers a unique device with an unknown purpose.

Pretty fun to play with new alien races for the new book. It’s set within the same universe as the Song of Kamaria, but you’re not likely to see any auk’nai in it (except for a VERY brief, VERY vague moment that only eagle-eyed readers might spot.) I plan to have a pretty extensive glossary in the back of this book to provide a quick reference of each species (and because it’s fun to info dump OUTSIDE of the novel’s story. Info dumps within the story are a no-no.)

Anyway, I’m rambling. After I finish the first draft, I intend to make a little trailer to reveal the title. That can happen by the end of the month at the current pace I’m writing, so keep an eye out!

I’m itching to have a cover made, too, super excited to get back into the publishing fray. Before I go, here’s another character sculpt of Vobbsii’s best friend, Ffloem.

Ffloem Zeu Uubog is an Alberiorin, making her an asset to any starship. Alberiorins are joyful plant people who generate oxygen for free, acting as both crewmates and CO2 scrubbers. Ffloem is like a big sister to Vobbsii. They get into trouble where ever they go.

See you all soon with more info!

Happy new year!



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