New author photo!
My workplace offered free professional headshots (very nice of them!) so I dressed up like a human and got some pictures taken.

It’s been a while since I checked in, what have I been up to? Lots of life stuff, taking care of my kids and hanging out with my wife (and doing lots of yard work and house maintenance)
My day job has summoned us back on a hybrid basis, which means my morning commute has returned to my life. Most would see this as a negative, and it’s certainly not the most fun thing ever, but that’s actually when I do my best brainstorming.

So with enough storms rolling through my head, I finally found an idea worth outlining for a new novel! I’m really excited about it, and it feels like old times again. If this comes to fruition, this novel would be standalone, so it wouldn’t require reading the Kamarian trilogy, but it would exist within that universe. Kamaria itself probably wouldn’t be in it, or if it did it would only be a brief cameo thing for the coolest people who read that trilogy. 😎

It’s interesting to be planning a novel after I have established readers. I mentioned it on Twitter and people are excited! It’s so cool! When I wrote In the Orbit of Sirens, I had no idea if people would bother reading it, I did it mostly because I NEEDED to. This time, I still NEED to, my brain won’t rest, but it’s heartwarming to see people eagerly awaiting it. It makes me feel like I can talk about the process with people who understand.

Thank you, readers! I hope to bring us more adventures in the stars!

Happy Friday everyone!

One Comment on “OCTOBER 2022 UPDATE!

  1. I’m glad because I remember you saying you were going to be a one-story pony, and I was like Nooooo!!!!!! I’d be excited for whatever comes next in or out of that world!


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