UPDATE: Hardcovers bought after 9/30/2022 on Amazon may not include dust jackets.

Due to a stocking error, Amazon has discontinued sales of the hardcover editions of the Song of Kamaria. To correct this, I have decided to publish hardcovers through Amazon KDP, so that Amazon can print them on demand and they will never be considered out of stock. Sadly, since Amazon KDP does not have a dust jacket option, this means that if you purchase a hardcover for the Song of Kamaria past 9/30/2022, it may not come with a dust jacket.

If you want to guarantee a dust jacket with your hardcover edition, feel free to purchase from some of the various local indie stores, or Barnes & Noble. Any store stocked via Ingramspark will not be affected by this change, only Amazon.

No matter which you go with, each of the hardcovers still have the official covers printed on the laminate case (pictured above). So no matter where you buy it, the cover under the dust jacket will be identical.

Happy reading!


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