Escapist Book Tours has lined up an excellent group of bloggers, tweeters, bookstagrammers, and hosts of all kinds to parade through the internet and announce Threshold’s arrival! Throughout the next 7 days, they will be posting about Threshold with guest spots, beautiful photos, and other great media. I look forward to seeing what they post and hearing their thoughts on this very special finale to the Song of Kamaria Trilogy.

Here. We. Go.

Scarlett at Through Novel Time & Distance (Bonus Instagram)

Lorraine at Book and Nature Professor (Bonus Instagram)

Justin at The Escapist Book Company

Naty at FanFiAddict (Naty Reads Books)

Rowena at Beneath a Thousand Skies

Anj at A Pocket Full of Tomes

Alyssa at Into the Heartwyld

Athena at One Reading Nurse

Sadie at Sadie’s Spotlight

Sue at Sue’s Musings

This tour has been amazing!

I want to thank all the hosts again, and send another special thank you to Justin at Escapist Tours for arranging everything. It was bittersweet seeing these bloggers say farewell to Kamaria. I could tell they felt the impact of the ending I was going for, and I shared that feeling while writing it. The magical thing about books is how they connect us. I have been so fortunate to meet so many great people through the production of this trilogy, and I hope to bring us all back to Kamaria sometime in the future. For now, I’m focusing on some fun side content, creating a Scout Field Guide, and brainstorming ideas for further adventures with new characters in this playground I’ve established. I hope readers are inspired to jump into Kamaria from the words of these excellent bloggers, and I am thankful that they gave my little imaginary world their time. All songs end, but new songs can be just as beautiful.

Cheers to all you magnificent people,


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