The final verse of the Song of Kamaria arrives in a few short days. This whole ride comes to an end. What an amazing experience. It’s already available for pre-purchase.


ON THE WINDS OF QUASARS audiobook is nearing completion as well! I’ve been able to listen to the full read and approve it, and I gotta say, CJ McALLISTER NAILED IT! Fantastic job! L’Arn and Nock’lu sound so dang cool! I can’t wait until it’s released and listeners can enjoy it! CJ will be returning to finish the trilogy as well, so AT THE THRESHOLD OF THE UNIVERSE will go into production soon.

I’ve had a great month, despite some weird things happening in my real life, injuring my back and getting COVID was a bad couple weeks! The SPSFC contest has declared IN THE ORBIT OF SIRENS a finalist, along with 6 other self-published science fiction novels. I’ve been so happy with how it’s been received, and many other people have decided to give my books a chance and enjoyed it. Kamaria has busy spaceports right now!

Inbetween hurting my back and getting COVID, I managed to have a fun vacation with some great friends of mine in Colorado and tried fly fishing for the first time. It was a super fun experience I’d love to do again. It felt great to be out in nature, especially after spending a week basically stuck to my couch due to my back. (And it was especially nice because I didn’t realize I’d be spending the next 2 weeks stuck in my office quarantining due to COVID! Fun stuff!)

Dray’va (Dol’Gohm variant) sculpted in Nomad Sculpt

But there’s something else. Lately, I’ve fallen in love with a program called Nomad Sculpt on my iPad. I’ve been playing with this idea of creating a sort of Scout Program Field Guide as a companion thing for the trilogy. It would mainly be an art book, and I wanted to create the art myself but never felt too confident before. Well, I’m happy to say that Nomad Sculpt has given me confidence. Not only am I really happy with the models I can create in it, but I can also 3D print them too! Stay tuned for more information on this idea, it’s still brewing, but it’s got potential!

I hope you all enjoy AT THE THRESHOLD OF THE UNIVERSE and my tearful goodbye to the trilogy I began so long ago. It was amazing getting to know you all, and I hope to bring you back to Kamaria when I find the right story to tell. Until then, thank you for everything.



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