At long last, we’ve arrived AT THE THRESHOLD OF THE UNIVERSE, where all songs end.

I’m so proud to show off this concluding cover to the Song of Kamaria trilogy. Artist Daniel Schmelling really outdid himself, and I think he’s created the best cover of the whole series! I am always thrilled to show off the covers Daniel makes for me, he has always been the perfect artist for this trilogy.

The trailer was a passion project of mine. I wanted bring this cover into the world with a bang. Maria Moore sang the lyrics I had written for an old Martian lullaby from IN THE ORBIT OF SIRENS, “So Far Away, Yet Also Near.” An artist named Moncef wrote the piano arrangement, and I did all the artwork except the cover itself, which was done by the talented Daniel Schmelling.

It’s bittersweet revealing this.

I poured everything I had into this novel, tied every loose end up in exciting and thrilling ways. It’s an action packed book with moments of terror, sadness, and sheer happiness. It’s the way I’ve always wanted to bring this trilogy to an end, and I hope readers enjoy the ride.

To celebrate, Escapist Book Tours has organized an excellent roster of bloggers to reveal this cover with me! It’s amazing seeing so many familiar faces returning to help me bring this trilogy to an end. I feel like our paths crossed due to Kamaria, and they have remained strong. I’m so thankful to know such great people.

Here’s the full list with links:

Through Novel Time and Distance

Book and Nature Professor

Beneath a Thousand Skies

Westveil Publishing

Into the Heart Wyld

A Maze of Words

Fiction Fans Pod

Abel Montero


Sue’s Musing

Justin Gross

100 Acre Wood Library

A Pocket Full of Tomes

So when does this thing come out?

At the moment, there is no solid release date. We are wrapping up editing at the end of March, and Jason Hall is creating some stunning interior artwork I will roll out between now and launch. Once I feel like there’s an end to the path, I’ll set a solid release date. Currently, I’m eyeing end of April or sometime in May.


Until then, readers who haven’t picked up IN THE ORBIT OF SIRENS and ON THE WINDS OF QUASARS can start their adventures today!

The KINDLE EDITION of IN THE ORBIT OF SIRENS is available for $0.99 this week only!

Hitch a ride on the Telemachus with a discounted e-book edition!

Offer available from March 1—7, 2022.

Thank you for reading. It’s been special, and I hope you enjoy your time with AT THE THRESHOLD OF THE UNIVERSE when it finally, FINALLY releases in a few months.



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