Lot’s happening all at once!
Prepare for a Cover Reveal event on March 1st, brought to you by Escapist Tours. Daniel Schmelling has outdone himself, and the cover is stunning. To help with the event, I’ve created a new trailer, featuring the talents of Maria Moore and Moncef for some unique music! The trailer will go public on March 1st with the reveal event. I’ll make my own post featuring it here at that time as well.

THRESHOLD is currently in the hands of Dylan Garity, returning copy/line editor of the whole trilogy. After his pass is finished, I will apply his notes and send it off to a proofreader, then it’s off Lorna for formatting. I am a little behind schedule on this book, so I don’t anticipate releasing it in March like I intended, but as soon as I know a release window, I’ll make a big announcement.

QUASARS is getting a new audiobook narrator! I will reveal the new voice of Kamaria soon.

SIRENS has proceeded further into the first official SPSFC contest on Twitter. Click here to see more information from Team FanFiAddict!

Jason Hall is officially in full production mode on the interior artwork for THRESHOLD as well. I hope to reveal some of that art slowly until launch day. Can’t wait to see what he does!!

Happy reading everyone!


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