On the Winds of Quasars has netted itself a positive Kirkus Review!

The review has some spoilers in it, so for those of you who would like to see the highlights from the review without seeing the spoilers, here’s a few snippets!

A rewarding SF adventure on a particularly vivid alien world.

When a monstrous Auk’nai-like thing with biomechanical attributes kidnaps Cade and Nella Castus, the young adult children of hero pioneers Denton and Eliana Castus, a rescue expedition heads off into forbidden, eldritch realms and Lovecraft-ian caves, looking for answers. This volume is what the SF cognoscenti like to call a “planetary romance,” somewhat trickily defined as a story in which a striking world’s environment and culture drive and practically define the narrative.

Genre fans will be transfixed by the results and imagination at work and perhaps give additional points for a key character being deaf, something the Star Trek series only worked into one TV episode (after some persuasion, too).

Read the FULL REVIEW here (beware spoilers!)

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