October Update!

September was a crazy month!

ON THE WINDS OF QUASARS was officially launched, and the Storytellers on Tour book tour was excellent.

It’s also IN THE ORBIT OF SIREN‘s birthday! It came out exactly 1 year ago, October 4th, 2020. Happy birthday lil fella!

So what’s next for the Song of Kamaria?

Book 3 is on the horizon! I have not officially announced it’s title yet, I typically wait to do that when I have Daniel Schmelling make the cover art. I might do something a little sooner than that though because I felt like I revealed the cover for Quasars a little too early from the book’s actual release. So news for that will come when I make that decision.

Beta readers have returned their preliminary notes to me about Book 3, overall positive with some issues to iron out (as expected!) But this book has good bones. I love editing after Beta input because now I know the flaws and can focus entirely on them. I may do a second round of beta readers for this one (including my ever important Mom-Pass, where my mom reads through. If the previous two books are easy to understand you can thank my Mom!)

Overall, I really want to get Book 3 out into the world because I feel a little bad traumatizing readers with Quasars (sorry-not-sorry-sort-of) but I want to make sure it’s as perfect as it can be. Currently, I’m thinking it might be published in March 2022, but that date can change as needed.

I want to thank all my readers again. I’m thrilled you choose to spend time on Kamaria, and I try my best to make the experience worth it. Even if you haven’t sifted into the story itself, I do everything I can to make my books as shelf-worthy as possible, hiring fantastic artists for the cover and interior, and making decisions I feel lead to a pleasant book-holding experience. (If you think the words suck at least its still pretty!)

I will also be posting more bookish photos on my instagram, for those who might be curious what types of books I read. I’ve made a few fellow author friends as well, and they write some great books! I’ll be featuring them over time, and hope you get curious and check them out.

Cheers everyone! Enjoy the spooky season!


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