Concept of the monster auk’gnell from On the Winds of Quasars. I got an ipad recently and have been doing some of my own artwork in Procreate.

It’s been a busy month!

A week and a half ago, Dylan turned in his copy edit, and he did an amazing job. On the Winds of Quasars is on track for a release within a few months, and I’m getting closer to confirming a release date.

Currently, the novel is in the hands of Joel, who is new to my team of freelancers. Joel is providing the proofreading for this novel, and I’m excited to see him put the final touches on the words before Lorna returns to format. It’s so close to finish!

Jason Hall has done more amazing artwork, I couldn’t be happier with his illustrations, and just as a tease, here is a little sample of a chapter header that can be found within the physical copies of On the Winds of Quasars. (E-book editions will have the Part art, but not the chapter headers. The file gets too big.)

Beyond On the Winds of Quasars, I am getting close to finalizing the title for the conclusion to this trilogy (The one I have been using as a Work in Progress title is very much sticking with me. But I like to be absolutely sure before I commit!)

Book 3 has a completed first pass, and soon I will be jumping in to start doing my second pass. If all goes well, after the second pass I employ beta readers. It’s a heavy book, and a Hells of a finish. I hope to bring back Daniel for the cover sometime soon! There will be more updates on Book 3 later after On the Winds of Quasars is published. I anticipate an early to mid-year launch in 2022.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!



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