In the Orbit of Sirens—Cover Update

Front cover for version 2

My book-baby is getting a slight face lift.

+ Artwork will remain the same with a slight vibrancy boost.
+ Editorial review quotes are displayed on the front and back.
+ New, shorter blurb on the back.
+ One Author review displayed.
+ A list of the Awards Sirens has won is featured under the editorial blurbs.
+ Minor adjustments to spacing of text and logos on the spine.

I’m proud of the response it has been getting, and it will be great to see some of that enthusiasm portrayed on the cover. Artist Daniel Schmelling came back to make sure it looked fantastic. I was glad to work with him again and I look forward to bringing him back for book 2.

This sort of brings In the Orbit of Sirens to an ending for me for now. The audiobook will be released soon and I will be all over that, but otherwise this story is wrapped up as nicely as I could get it. Book 2 is well underway, finishing the beta reading process soon, with artwork about to get ramped up. Once I have a cover I will do a full title reveal. I’m excited to bring everyone back to Kamaria.

—T. A. Bruno

3 Comments on “In the Orbit of Sirens—Cover Update

    • Thanks! The audiobook is currently in the review process by ACX, hopefully complete and released soon. Michael Reimer did an excellent job, I can’t wait to release it into the wild!


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