My Favorite Reads of 2020

“The Space Between Worlds”
by Micaiah Johnson

“A Fire Upon the Deep”
by Vernor Vinge

“Chasing Space”
by Leland Melvin

“White Fragility”
by Robin Diangelo

Something Different:
“The Prophet”
by Kahlil Gibran

Honorable Mentions:
by Nnedi Okorafor

by Octavia E. Butler

by William Gibson

by Jeff Vandermeer

How about you?
Anything on my list match yours?

2 Comments on “My Favorite Reads of 2020

  1. Read A fire in the Deep this year too! I recently started the Area X books, and read Borne earlier this year. Annihilation is one of my favorite movies. Slow burn, atmospheric, creepy…

    Highlights for me this year were The Expanse series. Binge read. And all of Derek Kunskens novels were delightfully ingested.

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    • That’s awesome! I enjoyed a lot of the Expanse as well, but transitioned to the TV show more recently haha. That’s a good year of reading!


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