Featured in the December 2020 Keyframe Animation Guild Quarterly magazine!

The Animation Union I work for at DreamWorks has a Holiday Market, and In the Orbit of Sirens is featured on its front page!

It’s really cool seeing it in a magazine like this, I didn’t know it would be such a nice looking ad, and among some great artists as well, I’m honored.

You can explore the TAG VIRTUAL HOLIDAY MARKET for more items from some very talented artists!

Full Text:
“I’m inspired to create because it allows me to travel beyond myself,” explains Pre-Vis Artist Tom Bruno. “I yearn to visit fantastic worlds and go on far-off adventures. Where reality has a ceiling, imagination is an endless sky of possibilities.” To explore the outer regions of the imagination, Bruno has written In the Orbit of Sirens ($16.80; TABruno.com), a great gift for that sci-fi reader in your family.

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