Holiday Update

Update time!
Pic taken from those early Quarentine days, the Tiger King era (ah, such a simple time. Feels like years ago).

In the Orbit of Sirens is selling well! I’m so thrilled with the response. If you purchased it, I have a free bookmark offer on if you’d like a little extra stuff for being an early adopter of this brand new trilogy.

The sequel is sent out to #betareaders and the third book is deep into the plotting stages. I’m excited to bring the whole story around and dive into the lore of the universe I’ve built (planned it for close to a decade! Lots of lore to explore!)

The Audiobook is well underway too, with Michael Reimer bringing my words into the audible realm. I’ve approved the first 15 minutes and it was AWESOME. He’s going to deliver an excellent audiobook, I know it.

With the Holidays coming up, I’m preparing a few signed paperback copies of In the Orbit of Sirens. They would run for $25 (which includes shipping) and be signed. If you are interested, send an email to

That’s all for now! I’ll make a bigger announcement of the signed copies soon too, but it’s available now for you guys first!

T. A. Bruno

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