November Updates

Book 2 explores auk’nai culture deeper.

In the Orbit of Sirens is selling well and reviews are positive!

So what now?

First, I want to mention that I’m preparing a little free “thank you gift” for people who send in either a receipt of their purchase of In the Orbit of Sirens or a photo of their copy of the book. I’ll provide more details on that soon. 😁

Second, book 2 is ready for beta readers. If you are interested in possibly becoming a beta reader, email me at my only requirement is that you finish reading book 1 first, but I will also not be handing too many out, to protect the novel from theft. Once the beta readers finish, I will be applying the changes I think it needs and doing one last edit before hiring editors and other freelancers. I will announce book 2’s name sometime in the near future (I believe I have it, I just like to be 600% sure before I announce it.)

Book 3 is already being outlined and beefed up, and it’s feeling like an exciting ending to the Song of Kamaria trilogy. I intend to make changes to book 3’s outline based on beta reader info of book 2, but planning book 3 this early will help me set up things during book 2’s editing process.

So if you thought the adventure ended with In the Orbit of Sirens, just wait to see what comes next!


T. A. Bruno

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