Advance Review Copies (ARCs) sent out!

Today I reached out to my “street team” to get some advance review copies out into the world. I was overjoyed with the positive response. I have always been thankful for the immense support I’ve received from my friends and family. I hope they enjoy the adventure I crafted, and I look forward to hearing what they think of IN THE ORBIT OF SIRENS.

ARC readers have access to the full novel, the only thing I ask in return is for ARC readers to leave a review on Amazon on launch day, OCTOBER 4th, 2020. (Making sure to mention they received an ARC copy.)

If you were a new subscriber, then welcome! Signing up for the mailing list gets you special access.

If you would like to be considered for a ARC, sign up HERE. There is still time to be considered. Not everyone will receive an ARC copy, but I intend to send out a good amount.


T. A. Bruno

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