BOOK 2 First Edit has begun!

While I anxiously await the delivery of my author proof copies of IN THE ORBIT OF SIRENS (available October 4th 2020), I have begun my first edit on its sequel. Now that I am more familiar with the process, I intend to get this edit completed and sent to beta readers much sooner than I did with book 1.

With IN THE ORBIT OF SIRENS, I completed about 4 or 5 edits before sending to beta readers, then edited again after I got their input, then had one more alpha reader, then did a major overhaul of the first part, then sent off to a few professional editors. By editing so many times out the gate, I ended up editing a version of the novel that didn’t really have the story in the correct place. My betas this time around might have something a little more rough than the first time, but in the end, I will discover the weaknesses in the story faster.

By editing the first novel so many times, I also locked down the most efficient process for myself. For those writing your own stories, the way I found most effective was to have to versions of Word open. On my left screen I’d have my SOURCE file (the first draft), and on the right screen I’d have the v002 edit. I would go paragraph by paragraph, copy from the SOURCE and paste into the v002. This way I was reading it in small chunks and giving each of them the right amount of attention, as oppose to reading the entirety of the finished first draft and possibly skipping over more errors on accident.

I also made sure to create a more accurate timeline of events. I knew while writing my first draft that I would have to come back and adjust the timing of certain things, so now it’s time to lock it all down. Allowing yourself to be imperfect is a good tactic, but it only works if you know ahead of time you’ll be hiring professional editors. Never go first draft to publish.

I intend to announce the title for Book 2 sometime after the publish of IN THE ORBIT OF SIRENS. Next bit of news will be the reveal of my proof copies. I’m really excited to finally hold the book in my hands, and I’m driven to make the sequel even better than the first book!


T. A. Bruno

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