E-BOOK: Teeny Tiny sneak peak

Lorna Reid is cruising along on the formatting for IN THE ORBIT OF SIRENS. Recently she shared some samples of the e-book with me, and I’m thrilled to see how it’s coming along! To stoke some excitement, I’m here to share these samples with you.

Keep in mind, e-books are highly customizable to the user, so a lot of the formatting is set to accommodate that (we want to keep our readers happy and comfortable). For the print versions of the novel, the formatting will be more elaborate, featuring chapter art by Jason Michael Hall that will not be present in the e-book. The Part art that Jason created will still be present in the e-book, as shown below.

Enjoy a teeny tiny sneak peak of the first page of the novel as well! This is the first official preview of the actual words. Once Lorna finishes up the formatting on the physical version, I intend to release the full first chapter as a preview, chapter art and all.

For a little more sneaky-peaking, here is one of the seven chapter art pieces that will be in the physical edition. It’s a combination of my ship designs and Jason’s line work. I had been working on an animated short film of this story before I committed to writing it as a novel, and I’m thrilled to see the designs I made are being included. With Jason and Daniel (the cover designer) giving these designs their overhaul, I feel like my vision for IN THE ORBIT OF SIRENS has been fully realized.

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