Changed: T. A. Bruno instead of Tom Bruno Author

So you may have noticed a branding change in my pen name, there’s a good reason for that!

I officially made the switch from using my real name, Tom Bruno to using T. A. Bruno today.

There are already two other authors named Tom/Thomas/Tom A./Thomas A. Bruno etc, one who wrote a religious novel, and another who writes short story science fiction. Although my novel probably would have stood out, I decided to make the change so as to not confused potential readers.

Although will still bring you to my website, the official domain name is now

To connect to my social media platforms, you would use:

I did this before publishing because it is much easier to address now than it is after a product is on shelves. Thanks for being with me on this wild ride! More information coming soon, and we’re looking to publish in September!


T. A. Bruno

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