The finish line is in sight!

The Freelancers and Beta Readers who made IN THE ORBIT OF SIRENS the best it can be!

Today I hired a formatter to bring IN THE ORBIT OF SIRENS over the finish line. Once her job is completed we are officially ready for Publish! I am so excited to bring this debut novel into the world, and I couldn’t have done it without a lot of help!

I wanted to take a moment and thank everyone who has helped me during this quest to publish my debut novel. You can see their roles and more personalized thank you’s in the CREDITS section of this site, and also in the back of the novel once it publishes.

Throughout the process I hired freelancers to bring this novel toward publication. provided a perfect hub for me to find the perfect artists and editors for my debut novel, I’d be happy to work with any of them on the sequels!

And the team extends to you—yes, YOU! If you’re reading this that means you’re a supporter, and I thank you for being here. Without support from people like you, the world of Kamaria would remain unexplored.

I hope to bring you all with me when the Telemachus launches sometime this Fall.

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