Proofread finished!

I was a little excited about the
Space Crew Demo-2 launch.

The proofread for IN THE ORBIT OF SIRENS is officially complete! Dylan Garity did an excellent job bringing the whole thing together, I look forward to working with him in the future. Now, we’re on to final touches!

I can’t wait to finish up the novel and start the preorder train. This journey has been incredible so far, I still get goosebumps knowing I will be publishing a novel. I’ve had a lot of help, and some amazing support from friends, family, and new fans along the way, and I look forward to delivering the best novel I can produce soon.

Thank you all for your continued support! Preorder information should be ready sometime next month.

Stay healthy and safe, my friends. Remember to share some love with your community, we could all use more of that right now.

One Comment on “Proofread finished!

  1. So happy and proud of u Tom, what a great accompaniment. Can’t wait to read it!!


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