Things are really heating up!

The proofreader is cruising along, and he will be delivering his edit within the next couple weeks. The cover has been revealed and the preliminary marketing has been rolling out (the trailer I made). I am eyeing a date in September for an official release. Preorder information will come soon.

I want to thank everyone again for participating in the cover reveal contest. It was a fun experience and I learned a few things so that I can run the next contest I do better. I hope you all liked the cover! Artist Daniel Schmelling did an excellent job and he was great to work with. I hope to bring him back for the sequels!

Let’s chat about book format. IN THE ORBIT OF SIRENS will be available in soft cover, hard cover, ebook, and audiobook format (audiobook will be released later after launch).

Which format do you like to read the most? Comment below, the data may help!

Sequel News: Work is well underway! I’m having a lot of fun playing with the world of Kamaria twenty years after the events of IN THE ORBIT OF SIRENS. Thanks to the stay at home order, I have no long commute to work, so when I’m not taking care of my sons or hanging out with my wife, I have more time to write now than I ever had before. (I had a LONG commute!)

I know it’s hard to get excited for a sequel to a book that hasn’t even been released yet, so I won’t go too into detail, just know that if you enjoy IN THE ORBIT OF SIRENS, there is more coming soon after!

That’s all for now, have a great day!

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