Book 2 Outline complete!

I know it sounds crazy, book 1 hasn’t been published yet, but what did you expect me to do while the copy editor and book cover designer work their magic; twiddle my thumbs? Plus, thanks to COVID-19, I’m working from home in self quarantine. They say Shakespeare wrote King Lear while he was in similar circumstances.

Book 2’s outline feels really good. When I started IN THE ORBIT OF SIRENS, I planned on writing a trilogy (and maybe smaller spin offs to go along with it). Book 1 does read like a stand alone, just in case the readers never showed up, but it also does hint at more story.

23 years after the events of book 1 show a very different Kamaria than we grew comfortable with. New environments are featured, new characters, even some new species. The world is bigger, but the story is more personal this time around. The stakes are still high, and the mysteries are more abundant.

New villains come to surface, and I love them very much. I hope my main characters will forgive me for the trials I am about to put them through as I plow into this sequel.

Stay tuned for more information! Book 1 should be finishing its editing phase within the upcoming weeks, and a book cover reveal should follow shortly after. Then it’s off to publish! Keep an eye out for the PRE-ORDER button to become active. Like and Share if you enjoy what you see!

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