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Things are just warming up around here. As of this writing, both the copy editor and book cover designer are working their magic, making this five year journey closer to reaching it’s finish line.

When I was in Mrs. Tasker’s third grade class, I wrote a comic book called Space Explorers. It was an adventure series about my friends and I going on “space missions” across the galaxy, and ran for 16 issues to its conclusion. For a long time I put it behind me.


I went on to write more stories; a full graphic novel/visual diary of my highschool days called “Tom Be Nimble” and two (crappy) novels called “ESPIONAGE” that basically ripped off Metal Gear. (Don’t act all surprised, Space Explorers issue #1 listed above ripped off some Power Rangers stuff.)

For a long time, Space Explorers remained in the background of my mind, and after exhausting my highschool visual diary and ripping off Metal Gear, I felt like it might be a good time to jump back into that world. I created “STAR SIREN” in college, drawing between classes while listening to rock music and picturing how it would all look as a movie.


College came and went and I got my BA in Animation from Columbia College Chicago. Once I entered the real world, I (stumbled into) Previsualization as a career when a Hollywood production came to Illinois. Something about a guy from another planet who wears a cape and red undies (big controversy when the guys in charge decided not to include the undies for the modern take, but that’s a story someone else can tell.) I was lucky enough to join their team, and from there I was hooked.

I married my best friend and just all around kick-butt wife, Carrie. I remember fondly one of our early dates when I began to realize I might have to move from Illinois to California. I thought “I’m going to lose her. She’s not going to want to leave everything behind to go galavanting across the continent with some artist.” But when I asked her how she felt about it, her response was “It’s warm in California. I’m in.”

And that’s when you know you found the right person.

For years, I worked with great teams of people, many of whom have become my close friends. I lived in a few different parts of the country for a few months here and there, met some famous directors and worked with them to tell their stories. It has been amazing, and I continue to enjoy this field of work. I currently work as a Layout Artist for a well known animation company.

But as I learned these storytelling techniques, I began to churn Space Explorers in my head again. No matter how old I got, that comic book I drew in Mrs. Tasker’s class still called to me, like the Siren that had haunted the college iteration of that particular story.

About five years ago, I committed. I buckled down and spent a long time figuring out what kind of story I wanted to tell. I wanted to bring something new to the world, something different from Star Wars or Star Trek, but maybe in between. Something that had adventure, yet got a little heady. Something that (if I’m lucky) would love to work on if it got developed into a film.

I wrote the thing!

My wife gave birth to our son, Nathan, and I finished the first draft. I edited when i wasn’t working or being a dad and husband. I finished seven edits/revisions before we had our second son, Adam. I am now the proud father of two boys, who I hope to read this story to one day (gosh I hope they like it…)

Left to right: Tom, Adam, Nathan, Carrie

This first story is (very loosely) based on my experience moving across country, away from my family and friends. The sequel will be more about being a father, and the family dynamic that resides within that. Then we will have to see where the third one takes us.

I wrote the first story as a stand alone that has the capacity to be expanded into a planned trilogy.

For now, while I wait for the editor and book cover designer to finish their witchcraft, I will be outlining the sequel and building the marketing plan. Expect to find more artwork and stories from Kamaria. Thank you for getting to know me, I appreciate your time and I hope to make good use of it!

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